UCI Esports Conference

I will be travelling to UC Irvine this coming week to attend the first UCI Esports Conference. Lucas, Ernesto, and I will be presenting a paper on spectatorship, A Better Lens: Refining Esports Spectator Modes. Also from inGame presenting will be Alex Mirowski and Iris Bull.

CHI'19 Paper Submission

Lucas Kempe-Cook, Norman Makoto Su, and I just submitted a paper to CHI’19 titled Behind the Voices: The Practice and Challenges of Esports Casters. This is our third revision on our esports study and hope to receive good reviews.

2018 Fall UROC and REU-W Students

I have been contacted by the 4 students I will be mentoring this semester. 3 students are part of the UROC program, and one is from the REU-W program. This will be the first time I will be mentoring students, so it will be a learning experience for all of us. I hope I get to expose them to research and help them in both their academics and professional careers.