Awesome Games Done Quick Panel 2019

The panel I submitted for AGDQ 2019 was just accepted. The panel is titled “Speedrunning Commentary: Best Practices for Commentary in Twitch and GDQ Streams.” I will be leading the panel with TrevPerson and Kungfufruitcup. This is an exciting opportunity to share my research with the speedrunning community.

Panel description: Commentary is an integral part of streaming speedruns both on individual Twitch channels and during GDQ runs. Commentary has roots in traditional sports broadcasting and has proliferated in recent years to online video game livestreaming and esports casting. As critical as commentary is in streaming, there has been little discussion about commentary practices in speedrunning and GDQ runs. This panel will discuss the best practices for speedrunning commentary from recent esports commentary research and personal experiences.

UCI Esports Conference

I will be travelling to UC Irvine this coming week to attend the first UCI Esports Conference. Lucas, Ernesto, and I will be presenting a paper on spectatorship, A Better Lens: Refining Esports Spectator Modes. Also from inGame presenting will be Alex Mirowski and Iris Bull.

CHI'19 Paper Submission

Lucas Kempe-Cook, Norman Makoto Su, and I just submitted a paper to CHI’19 titled Behind the Voices: The Practice and Challenges of Esports Casters. This is our third revision on our esports study and hope to receive good reviews.

2018 Fall UROC and REU-W Students

I have been contacted by the 4 students I will be mentoring this semester. 3 students are part of the UROC program, and one is from the REU-W program. This will be the first time I will be mentoring students, so it will be a learning experience for all of us. I hope I get to expose them to research and help them in both their academics and professional careers.